security service central london
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Security Service Central London

Your Security Service Central London

Security Service Central London

Here at Eagles Security we understand that security is important and we’re passionate about making sure the capital is safe.

All of our security guards are SITO City and Guilds trained and NVQ qualified and we make sure that our members of staff are vetted to regulatory standards and senior members of staff conduct regular quality assurance checks at client premises.

Security Service Central London – Our Promise

Our clients in Central London have the highest standard of manned guarding security on offer at an unbeatable price.

Whether that’s retail, events, construction, we’re here to cater for your every need.


Here to serve – Security Service Central London

Our security service in Central London can help with an array of areas which include:

    Theft prevention
    Help and assistance to shoppers
    Civil arrest procedures and police liaison
    Crowd control
    Confrontation management
    First aid and fire safety
    Manned guarding


Types of security searches that are conducted by a security guard in Central London

Here’s a brief insight into how conducted searches whilst on duty in a Central London location.


Certain premises will require a vehicle check too. Most obviously international customs, or secure entrances to important government buildings.

Types of Security Search


This is the standard security policy as governed by your employer and / or wider national regulations. These will be clearly stated in your assignment instructions and made clear as part of your induction to the security role. They will often be conducted on a daily basis.


If a specific piece of information or a revelation is made on a security issue, search protocol may change in response to it.

How to Correctly Conduct a Security Search

The security guard must be professional when conducting a security search, it is important to be mindful of the fact it is an intrusive procedure and you are relying on permission to carry out the search.

The following points are worth remembering:

    Where relevant, as permission before conducting a search
    Show respect and empathy through out the search process. Some people may feel very uncomfortable, others may have mobility issues – both of which should be considered.
    During each search you are representing the company you work for.
    Keep a steady control of the process and do not allow others to interfere.
    If possible conduct the search where others cannot observe.

Want to know more about our security service in Central London? For more information feel free to download our brochure, you can also call us on 0208 696 1871, or alternatively, you can email us at

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