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Security Guard Contract Central London

Your Security Guard Contract Central London

security guard london

Looking for a Security Guard Contract Central London? Look no further!

Security Guard Contract Central London – we only use the best out there

We’re passionate about safeguarding the capital and provide an abundance of security services that can cater for your every need from manned guarding to warehouses, car parks, construction and renovation sites, offices, estates, etc.

We are a unique security officer recruitment and security guard company which also provides security contractor guard services. Screening of applicants for security officer positions goes beyond BS 7858 and the candidates are trained to SITO City and Guilds Part 1 through an accredited City of London training facility.

We have highly trained security officers whom we ensure have the right skills set to match the security needs of each individual business.


One aspect of the job that all security guards will have to conduct at one time or another is a security search. This will involve searching bodies, property (ie bags) vehicles or even buildings.

Clearly the type of environment you work as a security guard will determine the extent and how often you need to search someone.

An airport security guard will spend the majority of his day carrying out security searches. It is vital for the role, and extra on-the-job training will often be given if you are a first-time airport security guard.

Nonetheless, there are some basic rules that you should understand when it comes to conducting security searches, no matter what area you work as a security officer.

If you’re interested in a Security Guard Contract Central London feel free to give us a call on 0208 696 1871, alternatively, get in touch with us via email

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