ISO Certificate 9001-2015

ISO Certificate 9001-2015

The most important benefits of ISO 9001 are operational rather than marketing. The following are the main benefits:

  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Happier and more competent employees
  • Better quality service
  • Increased efficiency, fewer mistakes, and less wasted time Reduced overall risks

Customer satisfaction is a key focus of ISO 9001. The standard requires that our organization not only determines if customer requirements have been met but also monitors our customers subjective perception of it. This almost inevitably ensures that a properly implemented quality management system will deliver customer satisfaction.

The importance of meeting – and indeed exceeding – customer expectations can’t be overstated. Satisfied customers will be retained: they will become repeat customers and eventually develop a strong sense of loyalty. In due course they may generate additional revenue streams though written or word of mouth recommendations.

ISO quality management system can impact positively on staff. Benefits typically include:

Empowered employees
The feeling of being empowered plays a major role in boosting job satisfaction. Involving and engaging employees are among ISO’s core principles, and ones that contribute greatly to a happy, motivated workforce.

Employee training / Professional growth
Another key tenet of ISO 9001 is employee training. Employees always respond favorably to training programs, staff reviews and evaluations, additional responsibilities, and opportunities for career development. Employees enjoy knowing they’re part of a company that’s moving forward and their career is in safe hands.

Better understanding
The ISO standard’s strong focus on customers and customers’ needs helps staff better understand how their actions affect the end product or service, and how their actions can help pave the way to improvements.

Greater employee engagement
ISO 9001 fosters a strong supportive culture that engenders enthusiasm, engagement, and increased productivity.

A happy, engaged, well-trained and competent workforce is a productive workforce. In this respect, employee satisfaction is a major benefit of ISO 9001. Better quality is what’s typically associated with – and expected from – ISO 9001 and certified companies. It is in fact one of the key benefits of implementing the standard

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