Modern Slavery Statement

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Eagle Security is committed to combating modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. This Modern Slavery Statement outlines our actions to prevent such practices within our operations and supply chains.

Our Policy:

We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking.

We comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and related legislation.

Supply Chain Due Diligence:

We conduct thorough due diligence when selecting suppliers and subcontractors, assessing their commitment to human rights, fair labour practices, and ethical conduct.

We communicate our expectations regarding modern slavery and require suppliers to adhere to the same standards.

Employee Awareness and Training:

We provide training to our employees to raise awareness about modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our employees are encouraged to report any concerns or suspicions about modern slavery or human trafficking.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation:

We conduct regular risk assessments to identify areas where modern slavery and human trafficking risks may exist.

We implement appropriate measures to mitigate those risks and take necessary actions to prevent and address any instances of modern slavery.

Reporting and Investigation:

We encourage employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to report any suspected cases of modern slavery or human trafficking.

Reported concerns are treated seriously, and appropriate investigations are conducted, with necessary actions in line with the law.

Collaboration and Transparency:

We collaborate with industry partners, organisations, and authorities to share best practices, learn from each other, and contribute to the collective effort against modern slavery.

We strive to maintain transparency and regularly review and update our policies, procedures, and practices to ensure effectiveness.

Review and Continuous Improvement:

We review and evaluate our efforts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking regularly.

We seek feedback from stakeholders and make necessary adjustments to our approach to ensure ongoing improvement.

This Modern Slavery Statement reflects our commitment to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. Our management team approves it, and is available to the public on our website.

Date of Last Update: 03.06.23

For further information or inquiries about our environmental practices, please refer to our website or contact our designated environmental representative.